imATHLETE Features

imATHLETE takes customer support off your plate and reduces your workload by up to 60%

Yes, it's true, we've automated customer support and oh how you're going to love this. Participants can make changes on their own without even contacting you which means you get less time on email and more time on vacation.

With imATHLETE you have the ability to let participant perform such tasks as:
  • Edit their registration
  • Cancel their registration
  • Move their registration to another one of your events
  • Transfer their registration to another participant
  • Manage their team members' registration information
  • ...and more!
Close your eyes for a minute and imagine what your life will be like without having to field these questions anymore. OK, open your eyes now. Wasn't that a better life?

imATHLETE will give you a better life.