imATHLETE Features

It's ridiculously simple to create a customized fundraising page for your campaign

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The simple two-page process to set up a fundraising campaign on imATHLETE is so quick and easy, you can be collecting donations in less than 2 minutes! With a few simple clicks of a button, you can create a page with photos, logos, description of your campaign, donor quotes and more.

And the customizability? Boy oh boy, don't even get me started. You want to create specific recommended donation levels? Piece of cake. You want to customize an automated thank you note? It takes mere seconds. You want to show a list of who donated? Show a list of your fundraisers? Customizing your page on imATHLETE couldn't be any easier or more fun.

Individual fundraisers and teams can set up a personalized page in seconds!

imATHLETE makes it very easy for individual fundraisers or team fundraisers to set up a personalized page and start collecting donations. With a simple one-page set-up process, individuals and teams are on their way to meeting their fundraising goals within seconds. Plus, imATHLETE gives them control over their page, so they can decide what information and photos they want to show and tell the world, in their own words, why they're raising money.