imATHLETE Features

imATHLETE puts your data at your fingertips and gives you the tools to twiddle all you want

We take data very seriously here and ensure that your data is always clean, correct and available for you to manipulate whenever you want. You can access detailed information on your participants, donors and fundraisers anytime you want, making updates or changes as you please.

Exporting your data is as simple as a click of a button for an excel or CSV file to be sent directly to your computer.

imATHLETE makes it easy to manipulate your data on the fly

With just a click of a button you can sort, filter, group or re-arrange your data in anyway you want. You can cancel participants or resend waiver links. imATHLETE reduces your reliance on excel (Sorry Mr. Gates!) and post-it notes (sorry 3M!).