imATHLETE Features

All your data at your fingertips to do with what you please, when you please

Managing your donors and fundraisers is just a click away with imATHLETE. You have complete access, all the time, anytime, to all your data. In fact, you own it! Need to see how much you've collected in donations this week? Just go to your imATHLETE dashboard and it's all listed there. Want to get a list of all the donors and fundraisers? You can not only view and manipulate the data, but with a single click you can download it all into an excel, csv or txt document.

Donations reports let you dig in deeper

With our proprietary reporting system, you can even dig in deeper to your charitable fundraising activity. A quick snapshot gives you fundraising trends, letting you see your top days for giving, your most effective fundraisers and much more. Plus you can adjust the data as you please to delve into your donation history and learn more about how you can be more effective in your fundraising efforts.