imATHLETE Features

We give you real time reporting all the time.

Imagine a world where you had real time access to detailed reporting for all your registration, e-commerce and fundraising activities. That world is called "imATHLETE" because real time access to detailed reporting is what we give to you.

Whenever you login to your account you'll see two graphs that give you snapshots of total registrations and total revenue from the past 7 days as compared to the same period the previous year. And it's all done in real time!

Even more, you'll see your financial summary right there on your dashboard so you can easily keep track of all revenue generated.

imATHLETE's proprietary reporting system helps you learn how you can earn more money

Delve deeper into your reporting to learn more about trends. With imATHLETE's analytics, you can learn what marketing activities have been working for you. Whether it be registration, e-commerce or fundraising, we help you better analyze your data and see where your money is coming from.

Graphs and charts give you a visual representation of your revenue trends. And you can filter your data even further to learn more about your market and discover what activities are helping you make more money.